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  • Games are an educational tool for your mind

    Let the world be your teacher and your hands a tool for learning. Then you’ll be able to create your own world.

  • Abandonment of fantasy is the absence of dreams

    Embracing your dreams is never a fantasy. By creating an interactive learning environment, education is never a fantasy when it becomes a reality.

  • Fun doesn’t have an age limit

    RingZero Studio is creating games to be enjoyed by young and old alike. We’re putting the fun back into family time.

  • Let the right games be your child’s first journey into imagination

    As your child embarks on their new journey, RingZero wants to be right next to them. Imagine what’ll happen when their imagination sparks creativity.

  • Ring in the good times with your child’s first game

    Creating memories like no other with games that are hard to put down.

  • Little gamers grow over time into big gamers

    Set the little gamers off on the right track to an educational gaming experience.

  • Let your children control their world

    Your children will be able to control their own world with our easy to play games.

What was the first song that you learned to sing?

If you still remember the words to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, so too will your children learn this song and other songs as adorable farm animals accompany them....

A seek - n - find for the scattered mind

Do you find yourself looking for a candy bar, slippers, a stuffed monkey, and a fish bowl, in a messy room filled with random items? If so, can you find them all?...

Springing forward into new adventures

Heroes must be tough as nails. Luckily, our little hero Whirly is made of scrap metal and nails. He’s tougher than any robot. Spin and jump through Whirly’s mechanical world...

BelugaBloo Games for My First Songs and My Happy World

Updated on . Posted in News


There’s a skill to combining education with entertainment and BelugaBloo has the expertise.

BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore, an online catalogue filled with hundreds of books and games, has included Ringzero Game Studio’s games My First Songs and My Happy World to their online catalogue. Continue Reading

Whirly’s Windup Adventure

Updated on . Posted in News


Alas, Whirly the windup robot needs your help. A new breed of evil robots called Electrobots has kidnapped robots from the village of Tinville. The robots are being held somewhere in an unknown factory. It’s up to you and Whirly to find and rescue the bots. Can you help him bring the robots back to the village safely? Continue Reading

Built for BlackBerry

Updated on . Posted in News


I’m happy to announce that Ringzero Game Studio received the Built for BlackBerry status on BlackBerry World for the hidden object game, My Happy World.

Built for BlackBerry status ensures that Apps in the BlackBerry World are suitable to work with Continue Reading

Bangkok Office

RingZero Game Studio Ltd.
Rajanakarn Building, 17th Floor,
183 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120 Thailand

T: +66 (0) 2 676 5400-5
F: +66 (0) 2 676 5406
E: games@rznet.com

Singapore Office

RingZero Game Studio Ltd.
80 Robinson Road

Singapore (068898)