Mafia Town

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Danger lurks behind every corner when the sun goes down.

My First Songs: Catch the beats and sing along popular children songs!Armed with guns, a bat and your bare fist, hunt down the cronies that are trying to destroy your town. Mafia Town, available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, is a thumb-friendly game filled with justice.

Injustice in the town – Knock em’ out with a fist full of justice

The mafia is striking fear into the shop owner’s hearts. Earn cash as you walk, roll, and run around town protecting the Barber shop, the Flower shop, the Bakery, the Deli, and the Butcher shop.

Everything bad happens after dark – 15 nights of terror

You start off the game with a clinched fist, a bat and a pistol. For 15 nights you walk around town you attacking hordes of gangsters, who threaten to take over shops in your town. Each new night gives you more stores to protect. Night after night as you defend your town, the store owners will financially reward your efforts.

Upgrading your weaponry – Bigger problems, bigger guns

The stacks of dollar bills and coins can be used to upgrade your weaponry. It’s going to take more than just a pistol and a bat to defend your town. The bigger the bad guys, the bigger the guns; upgrade to a shotgun, Tommy gun, Gatling gun and bombs, to take down the bigger boys. Also don’t forget to protect your chest with a bulletproof vest.

Revitalizing your town – Fixing up the damage

Unfortunately gunfire will ruin the townspeople’s shops. Use the money earned to regenerate the health and reward levels of the shops.

If you have an itchy trigger finger, then try the Vendetta Mode. Vendetta Mode will keep your thumbs working as you run around firing at scores of enemies while racking up the cash.

First time game players don’t need to worry about game play, the coaching option will have you soon enough shooting first and asking questions later.

The shop owners in Mafia Town need protection from the mafia. It’s up to you and your thumbs to give the town what they need.

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My Happy World: Hidden Object Game for Kids!

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If a picture can tell a thousand words then My Happy World has one huge story to tell.

My Happy World: Hidden Object Game for Kids!My Happy World is an amazingly animated, cleverly colored and playfully presented language and picture book where the goal of the game is to inspect sceneries, tap on hidden objects and hear, loud and clear, their names.  It’s a learning game with a soul.

Let your kids be immersed in our picturesque environment as they touch and find objects to learn their words while a smile adorn your face, knowing that they are not only having fun, they are also learning.

Over 1,000 objects to find – there is that much to learn

You are not only teaching your kids over 1,000 words, you are teaching them valuable words, from objects found in their room, to those found in the kitchen and even the far  away ones from outer space!

Over 20 locations to explore – exploring all corners of your mind

We believe that kids are much more interested to learn when they enjoy it.  With so many places to explore and reasons to come back and play again, expect your kids to spend hours upon hours playing My Happy World before he even has the chance of seeing everything the game has to offer.

Collect hundreds of stickers– and the learning never stops

Not only are stickers fun for the kids to collect, it is also a great way for you, the parent, to know how many words your little heroes have learned.  The stickers do much more; tap on any of them to see how they are written and select the voice to hear them again, perfect if you want your children to review specific words.

Hear the words nice and clear – learning has never been so soothing

Our native English speaker pronounced every single word you can find in her happiest voice there is.  Whether she says “bed” or “parasaurolophus”, your children will hear words spoken as if uttered by a fairytale princess.

A game that has more to offer – a never ending journey

The game does not stop here; this world has plenty to offer.  Even if your kids complete a location by finding all the missing objects, starting the level again may yield new ones to find and even more stickers to collect.

Cute Artwork suitable for kids!
Explore the world through Gorgeous Hidden Object Scenes!
Simple and fun Hidden Object game for kids and the whole family!
More than 1,000 objects to find and collect!
Learn English vocabularies with correct pronunciation from a native English speaker!
Having fun with gorgeous Hidden Object scenes!

Gorgeous Hidden Object Scenes:

  • Bedroom
  • Backyard
  • Class Room
  • Prehistoric Park
  • Art Room
  • Beach
  • Christmas
  • Farm
  • Forest
  • Gymnasium
  • Kitchen
  • Marine World
  • Music Room
  • Roman Empire
  • Space
  • Storeroom
  • Treasures of Egypt
  • Trick or Treat
  • Wild West
  • Wonderland

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My First Songs

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What was the first song that you learned to sing?

My First Songs: Catch the beats and sing along popular children songs!Let your children experience over 15 classic nursery rhymes as they sing, tap, laugh and play along our colorful cast of characters.

Each song is presented to you through a colorful and adorable 3D animated sequence where our cast of kids and animals sing and come alive in front of your very eyes.

Come, now is time to join them!

Over 15 classic nursery rhymes for your kids to fall in love with

We handpicked the bests of the bests; the nursery rhymes that everyone knows and has heard before. Whether it is their first or their hundredth time hearing these songs, we are sure that they will instantly become fans!

Over 15 animated stories for your child to listen to, view and play along

You are offered much more than just songs; each nursery rhyme is sung through a visual cute and simple story that will remind you of small theater plays.

Help your children develop basic motor skills by tapping along to the tune

Tap, hold your finger and move it around! That’s all that your children need to do. As the notes fly during the animated story, the children are asked to tap at the right time. It is easy at first, but there is plenty to master.

Collect trophies and create an adventure of your own

We do believe that children will want to listen to the nursery rhymes and watch the animations multiple times and we have made sure that they are even rewarded for doing so. Each song uses a points system to calculate whether you qualify for a trophy. While getting bronze may be easy, getting gold may require a true child prodigy!

Cute and colorful graphics
15 favorite children's songs of all time
Simple gameplay - tap, hold, and twirl!
fun and adorable 3D-animated music videos
Learn English vocabularies with correct pronunciation from a native English speaker!
Karaoke style lyrics - sing aloud!

Popular Children Songs:

  • Alphabet Song
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Jingle Bells
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • Michael Finnegan
  • Old Macdonald
  • She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain
  • The Farmer in the Dell
  • This Old Man
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Yankee Doodle


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