Whirly’s Windup Adventure

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Springing forward into new adventures!

Whirly's Windup AdventuresThe little robot arrives home shocked and bewildered as to what happened to the place he once called home. The village of Tinville is empty. Curious to find out about his village, Whirly, wound up with spinning fury, sets out on an adventure to find the villagers of Tinville.

He may not be Superman, be he’s still hard as steel

Whirly soon finds out that the evil electrobots have kidnapped the villagers and taken then away. Whirly must navigate through the Hidden Factory and the gigantic junkyard to save them all. Along the way, he will encounter flying robots, roller bots, and a large mysterious bot.

Collect! Collect! Collect!

Collect golden color ratchets, to buy items from the vending machine such as an extra life, a wrench that increases Whirly’s health and unlimited spin for a short time. Collect colorful pinwheels for extra points.

Scattered throughout each level are missing robot parts that Whirly will have to find. Can you find all ten items?

Three Worlds of Adventure

Whirly must jump and spin through electrobot infested environments. By drawing your finger on the top half of the screen, you can flick Whirly up, down, backwards and forwards at any angle. Whirly will jump in the direction that you draw on the screen. Be careful were you jump though, spikes and destructive robots await you.

To defeat the bots that get in your way, Whirly has a powerful attack that’ll scrap the bad electrobots, sending them back to the junk pile.

Help Whirly rescue the villagers and save Tinville from the Electrobots.

Whirly’s Windup Adventure is available for the iPad and iPhone.

Whirly's Windup Adventure - Preview 01
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