Mafia Town



My First Songs: Catch the beats and sing along popular children songs!Armed with guns, a bat and your bare fist, hunt down the cronies that are trying to destroy your town. Mafia Town, available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, is a thumb-friendly game filled with justice.

Injustice in the town – Knock em’ out with a fist full of justice

The mafia is striking fear into the shop owner’s hearts. Earn cash as you walk, roll, and run around town protecting the Barber shop, the Flower shop, the Bakery, the Deli, and the Butcher shop.

Everything bad happens after dark – 15 nights of terror

You start off the game with a clinched fist, a bat and a pistol. For 15 nights you walk around town you attacking hordes of gangsters, who threaten to take over shops in your town. Each new night gives you more stores to protect. Night after night as you defend your town, the store owners will financially reward your efforts.

Upgrading your weaponry – Bigger problems, bigger guns

The stacks of dollar bills and coins can be used to upgrade your weaponry. It’s going to take more than just a pistol and a bat to defend your town. The bigger the bad guys, the bigger the guns; upgrade to a shotgun, Tommy gun, Gatling gun and bombs, to take down the bigger boys. Also don’t forget to protect your chest with a bulletproof vest.

Revitalizing your town – Fixing up the damage

Unfortunately gunfire will ruin the townspeople’s shops. Use the money earned to regenerate the health and reward levels of the shops.

If you have an itchy trigger finger, then try the Vendetta Mode. Vendetta Mode will keep your thumbs working as you run around firing at scores of enemies while racking up the cash.

First time game players don’t need to worry about game play, the coaching option will have you soon enough shooting first and asking questions later.

The shop owners in Mafia Town need protection from the mafia. It’s up to you and your thumbs to give the town what they need.

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