Whirly’s Windup Adventure

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Alas, Whirly the windup robot needs your help. A new breed of evil robots called Electrobots has kidnapped robots from the village of Tinville. The robots are being held somewhere in an unknown factory. It’s up to you and Whirly to find and rescue the bots. Can you help him bring the robots back to the village safely?

Whirly’s Windup Adventure is a platforming experience riddled with challenging levels and hidden items.

Whirly’s path will be drawn by you finger. Navigate each world with the touch of your finger. Use your finger to make Whirly leap over dangerous spikes and pitfalls. Rapidly slide your finger back and fourth to spin through Electrobots.

Do you dare to take the challenge?

Try to collect all 10 hidden items in the game. Special power ups will assist you in collecting all 10 items on the list.

Click  here to download Whirly’s Windup Adventure for iPad, iPhone and iPod through the iTunes store.

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